Thandraug Doorbreaker

The name is Thandraug, and as the guild leader, my only rule is no jerks allowed! Other than that have fun, it's a game after all. My vision for this FC is to continue to grow while maintaining the tight group feel of a small FC. No matter how big we grow we will always be welcoming to all. I am just a single Hrothgar and am glad to have the support of my amazing officers and wonderful guild members.

Aoi Hibana

My name's Aoi, the primary recruiter for the FC and co-lead. I started playing around early SB and have been a NIN main ever since. If I'm not out recruiting new people, then you can usually find me at the FC house hanging out with other members. Feel free to come by and hang out with us anytime. If you have any interest in joining you can always message me, and I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. Good luck and I'll see you around.

The Workshop

Keogan Stoneleader -

Keogan was one of the earliest members of Empyreal and likes to share assistance and knowledge where he can. He's a Paladin main through and through and loves protecting his party. When it comes to crafting, he's the kind of person to gather everything himself, wanting to see the whole process through from start to finish. He takes the same approach to all of FFXIV, from his work within the FC to learning challenging raids.

Chelsey Rosalie

My name is Chelsey Rosalie. My main is Dancer and I love to craft, gather, and do workshop stuff and FC projects. Willing to help with any crafting stuff, just give me a shout if you need something crafted or gathered. I love working with people! Just whisper me or direct message me on discord, I be around.

Taco King

My name is Taco King and I hail from the kingdom of Tacos. I'm always doing something to pursue the unrealistic goal of total completion so I'm always down for a good item farm or gathering with my taco hands. Also there's no such thing as a soft taco, only a lazy burrito.


Folkvar Egir

It is I Folkvar Egir. Professional protector, provisioner, and procrastinator since Shadowbringer’s glory days at your service; but don’t worry, the procrastinator part is overshadowed by the first two. As one of the Treasurers for the FC, we will never run of materials on my watch. If something is in a tab you can’t access I can get it for you. Just don’t expect anything from me right now, I am not procrastinating you just need to learn the virtues of patience xD

Alysiel Lenari

Lali-ho! The name is Alysiel Lenari but everyone calls me Aly. I’ve been playing FFXIV since Fall 2010 and can honestly say this game has changed my life! If you ever need help with raiding, crafting or gathering, I hope you will reach out. I am pretty active on the FC Discord as well, hope to see you there!  ~Aly

goosebert manderville

Goose McGoose, FC treasurer; grabber of gil, MGP miser, purveyor of paint cans, and questionable taste in glamour. Born at Mt. Corel (allegedly), the crazy Lalafell and his big gold beaver Wynona came to the Empyreal Guild to turn all things to gold and put smiles on every member's faces.

Event team

Samson Oschon

Samson Ocshon, a true Highlander and loyal FC member. You can usually find him hanging out at the FC quoting references from movies that nobody knows. As the events coordinator, he loves helping others. Don't be shy in asking for his help, if possible, he will.

Berserker Class

Resident part time bard, full time raid meme. Berserker Class enjoys longs walks on the beach and plundering his enemies for booty. Don’t be afraid to reach out and jam with this cool cat.


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Raid school

D'shtola Hyun

Dish can normally be found scrounging through her glamour dresser or on the login screen molding her character anew. However; if you ever do need help vanquishing the strongest of foes or just want to hit a few rocks and craft some trinkets she will leave her fantasia addiction behind to lend a hand.

Nathan didinori

Nathan Didinori, you can find him in the FC yard either in queue for something or afk. Always willing to help out with raids and trials. PUG master and can handle any role. You'll mainly find him healing though. Give him a pat when you see him!

Marcus Obscurus

Hailing from the Great White North, Marcus escaped to Eorzea and joined Empyreal in late 2020. As a PLD main at heart, Marcus loves learning and teaching group content; you can typically find him rounding up folks for some form of raiding or farming. Marcus is always ready to lend a helping hand wherever needed!

Gurus of Helpfulness

Rin Stormrazer

This mentor values kindness and love overall, whether running dailies or up to no good she always gives her all. From shenanigans to battle, Rin showers others in wholesome fun and helpfulness. Always available on discord to answer queries or to send questionable memes.

Nailah Silverlight

Hey, hello there! The name is Nailah Silverlight. Looking for an answer, someone to guide you in the right direction, running content or need really lame pop culture references? Then I'm your person! I'm here to lend a helping hand.

Zall Dazar

I'm Zall, Aspiring Mentor, Fantasia addict in recovery, and all-rounder extraordinaire! I tend to keep to myself most of the time, but I'm not all that anti-social really. I'm happy to help with most anything and given that I have my jobs maxed out, I can fill any role you need and even teach you how best to fill yours. I've got knowledge to spare on nearly all dungeon, raid, and trial mechanics (just don't ask me about the savages or extremes, we'll learn those together). so hit me up and reach out, we can hop in a party and work on content anytime!

The Grumpus

This grumpy cat is always happy to run some content with folks. Whether it's learning new mechanics (by dying) or grinding for hours at a time, he enjoys nothing more than getting stuck in and running some content!

Mahogany Tigerstar

Sup, it's the black Miqo'te Ryan Reynolds here, and welcome to my humble slice of this webpage! I'm a GURU... a Guru of Helpfulness! I help the new sprouts that enter our humble guild, with inquiries, dungeons, questions, glam, you name it! I'm still learning myself but let's get to know each other and all have fun in this piece, yadig! Hmu on discord with any questions.

Vile Corruption

Vile Corruption, Enjoys his time adventuring and teaching the basics to new members. He specializes in shooting things with his machinist and swinging around his crimson blade on the battlefields of Eorzea. All in all he isn't that Vile to the members here. Although he has a strong distaste for making Macaroni Art during crafting times. If you find yourself struggling with a dungeon or needing to improve your in-game HUD, Vile has plenty of tips to help you on your journey! Just seek out "Corruption" on our Discord.

Xerion Belapoor

Xerion Belapoor. The man. The myth. The legend. Just like the name suggests, I am poor. However, my heart is full of ambition to help YOU, citizen of Empyreal. Together we can achieve ANYTHING. I will be happy to help you with your questions... maybe even take down the bourgeoise and see the rise of the working class. Anyways, whatever your concern is, just send me a dm in discord or in-game and I'll be more than happy to help you!

auxiliary Teams


Mrs Valkyrie (Val)

Final Fantasy addict since Feb 2020. Val is a WHM/RDM main that is either doing higher end content, housing savage (decorating), or running around Eorzea. She picked up the duty of raising chickens and gardening. If you need food to change your chocobo color or an onion to raise the level cap, send her a message in discord (because most of the time, she’s sleeping, working, or running content).

FC Photographer

Holo Tales

Holo Tales, Steppe Xaela, traveler from the east. Goldsmith, Black Mage, or a little too aggressive Gunbreaker. A past worth it’s tale, of conflict and adventure, of loss and friendship, of a new home in a new place. Holo’s adventures are driven by passion and meticulous attention. Stop by to ask a question or share a story. Holo is willing to listen to anyone of good company.

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